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Rhema Bible Church Weekly Podcast with Pastor Craig W. Hagin

Jan 29, 2022

Todays guests Pastors Trent and Rhonda Cloin the are pastors of Midwest Believers Church in Champaign, IL.  Trent and Rhonda tell us their story and how God led them to Rhema Bible Training College.  They talk about what they learned at Rhema has had a major impact on their life and ministry.  

Jan 24, 2022

“By his stripes I was healed”, I Peter 2:24.  We need to realize that we were healed 2000 years ago.  During this pandemic so many Christians have seemed to forget about what Jesus did on Cavalry for our healing.  In this podcast we talk about not only how to be healed but how to keep from being...

Jan 17, 2022

David Wildman joins us again on the podcast.  We talk about redesigning who you are from a spiritual and a natural perspective.  This podcast would be very helpful for someone who runs a business or works as a supervisor or manager.  Dave shares many tips that can be helpful to the success of your company...

Jan 8, 2022

David Wildman joins Tony and I on the podcast this week.  David shares how he was introduced to our ministry while growing up in Austria.  He also shares the insight that he learned from RHEMA Bible Training College and working at RHEMA Bible Church.  He shares that what he learned doing marketing and varies jobs helped...

Jan 1, 2022

Your New Year is what you make it.  You speak into existence what you want in your New Year.  In this Podcast we talk about how to make your year an exceedingly abundant 2022.  Happy New Year from the  RHEMA Podcast family.