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Rhema Bible Church Weekly Podcast with Pastor Craig W. Hagin

Mar 26, 2021

Pastor Craig Hagin and Anthony Washington interview Rev. Gary Crowl.  Gary is a former deans at Rhema Bible Training College.  He also started Rhema Thailand, Rhema Singapore, and Rhema China.  

Mar 23, 2021

We dig more into the Book of Psalms with Pastor Craig Hagin, Tony McKinnon and Anthony Washington.  During the podcast the human jukebox (Anthony Washington) gets a song (Psalm) from the Lord.  These last 2 podcasts will make you see the book of Psalms like never before.

Mar 19, 2021

Tony Mckinnon shares some insights about the Book of Psalms to Pastor Craig Hagin and Anthony Washington.  Tony teaches a class at Rhema Bible Training College on thr book of Psalms.  This  Podcast will make you see Psalms like you never have seen it before.  

Mar 16, 2021

Pastor Paul Cavenah from the Grand Church in Kinder, LA tells Pastor Craig Hagin and Tony McKinnon about his 2020.  After being hit by COVID-19 and 2 Hurricanes, he told Pastor Craig that if he was standing in front of him telling him that 2020 was our best year ever he would have probably punched him. But then he tells...

Mar 12, 2021

Pastor Craig Hagin and Tony McKinnon interview Pastor Jerry Weinzierl from Grace Christian Church in Sterling Heights, Michigan.  Pastor Jerry shares with our listeners some things that he has been telling his church when they have asked tough questions about present day culture.